Praise for ForeverChild

In the spirit of Brave New World, Mark Lavine has written a compelling science fiction tale with a strong message delivered in a pristine narrative style. The book is hard-hitting in the way it delves into authoritarianism, liberation, and experimentation. We want to believe that we have freedom of choice, and this must-read work will remind you why.    Readers' Favorite (five stars)                                                      

 Vividly wrought imagery, steady pacing, and an intriguing cast mark Lavine’s engrossing dystopian tale. Questions of oppression, government corruption, individualism, freedom,  and autonomy are skillfully raised, examined against an inventive  futuristic backdrop in which genetic alteration is the norm and value of  human life without the genetic interference is zero. A must-read.   The Prairies Book Review

Mark Lavine has created a fast paced story that is well thought-out and well told. His vision of the future is fascinating, and definitely an original idea. It is actually quite thought-provoking in many ways, showing aspects of our present world and its values from a whole new perspective...All in all, an excellent, well-written story that had me hooked from the very first page.  SFF World

The special value of ForeverChild lies in its strong character developments, its juxtaposition of bigger life questions that affect the entire social structure, and the action embedded into Kianno and Seelin's lives and choices. Lavine creates enough detail and insights to produce an especially thought-provoking story of a future world teetering on both destruction and rebirth. Midwest Book Review