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For me, writing has always been a part-time hobby, a creative outlet pursued more for fun and satisfaction than for ambition. During my long career working for a safety testing company, I completed three novels: Dr Prozac, ForeverChild, and Victimless Crimes. Last year I retired and now have more time to write. The result is my latest novel: Windekind. I have also recently been re-examining some of my earlier works. At the time they were written, I made no real effort to market or promote them. But one novel which I believe deserves a chance to reach more readers is the science fiction novel, ForeverChild. So I have dusted it off, made some changes, and have put together a second edition. Like Windekind, it will be available in both eBook and print formats on April 1, 2023.

Since retiring, I have been living in the mountains of Vermont with my wife Diane and daughter Ash. We love to go for long hikes, cross-country ski, and work on restoring our house which was damaged by a fire last year. I really appreciate your support. Please feel free to write me at markwlavine@outlook.com. Thanks and happy reading!